BREAKING:Muslims claim that the national anthem is’ oppressive’ and a’ forced assimilation ‘ process.

April 28, 2020

He continued; “It’s not enough for you to follow the rule, no, you must embrace our values.” “If you don’t share those values, why would they be forced to sing it?”This was told by Mr. Badar. [1] As Robert Spencer pointed out, this is a fantastically apt purpose: “That if you do not follow our principles, you will subvert the law sooner or later.

A human society, with the exception of common values, would sooner or later collapse into fragmentation and probably civil war.”[3] This also poses the question: if you do not share the values of us in which you live, then do you not want to remain elsewhere? [14] This statement from the Muslim community is in line with the uproar made last week by many politicians and pundits that the head of the Victorian primary school excused Muslim college students from singing Advance Australia Fair.

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